Surplus Co. & Associates offers a wide range of Services to meet your Business requirements.  Our company is committed to becoming and remaining “Your Solutions Provider”!



Simply login as a user and post your Surplus Inventory and Want Ads in the Classified Section. Additional advertising space and services are available. For rates and information on our premium advertising see



Appraisals on any Surplus Inventory are available upon request.  Surplus Inventory

that has been registered for Auction and/or Consignment will receive an appraisal

for marketing purposes.  Contact the Marketing Department:


Associates Registration:

Simply login & register and inform Surplus Co. & Associates of the products and/or services you market, and any requirements, questions or comments that you may have.

Contact the Public Relations Department:



Surplus Inventory may be registered with Surplus Co. & Associates to be auctioned. Surplus that has been consigned to the Auction Block will then receive bids for a limited time and will be sold to the highest verified bidder. Minimum reserved bids are allowed. 

Contact the Marketing Department:


Buy & Sell:

Surplus Co. & Associates may purchase your Surplus Inventory directly.  Simply login as a user and post your Surplus Inventory in the Classified Section. Our Sales Department  is constantly viewing the Classifieds for inventory to meet our customers requirements. To receive a quote on any Surplus Inventory, or Products that are listed in the Classified Section or on the Products page, contact the Sales Department:


Classified Section:

Surplus Co. & Associates provides limited free registration of Classifieds and access to the E-Classified Section.  Simply login as a user and post your Surplus Inventory and Want Ads in the E-Classified Section. You may view the Classifieds 24 hours a day.  To request a quotation, or to make a purchase offer, or for more information on a particular ad, simply click on the Ad and follow the directions. For more information, contact the Sales Department:



Surplus Inventory may be consigned to Surplus Co. & Associates.  Our Marketing and Sales Departments will make arrangements with you to discuss additional marketing strategies in order to market your surplus inventory.  Contact:



We offer a full range of consulting services including: marketing, advertising, liquidations, auctions, warehousing, transportation and project management.

For the corporate profile, see: Company. For additional information contact:



Surplus Co. & Asssociates offers a wide range services to successfully promote and market your surplus inventory.   We will research and provide you with the best marketing strategy to meet your objectives.   Contact:


Project Management:

Surplus Co. & Associates provides a wide range of Project Management Services including: labor requirements, equipment rentals, disassembly, packaging, shipping and all other logistical requirements to complete your projects within a required deadline. Surplus Co. & Associates has extensive experience at successfully meeting deadlines and will provide references upon request.  For more information contact the Sales Department:

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