Industry-specific classified ad websites….

Do your ads for your specific products and services get lost in the big classified ad websites?
How do you make sure your time and money is best directed towards optimal advertising mediums?
And how do you market and liquidate surplus inventory and or equipment that needs to be moved, to make room for new products?

Specific related industry directories and classified advertising websites are necessary to getting your products and services promoted.
Any business i.e. Material handling equipment services business would best be promoted in either in an industry related magazine/directory or on a website that distinctly promotes those products or services with distictly identified categories for listing the product or services.

With the world economy being in a downturn, the amount of products and equipment being liquidated, auctioned off and sold at a considerable discount is increasing.
An industrial equipment/surplus classified ad website can facilitate moving products, industrial equipment that are no longer marketable at retail pricing.
Utilizing such a website can increase the time line for liquidating such deleted retail items and liquidating surplus equipment that may need to be updated and replaced.
The used equipment market for high end equipment ie cad cam systems is also increasing, as start ups and expansions are researching the availability of used equipment; another issue to be addressed in the near future.

With the larger marketing websites such as eBay , kijiji, google adwords, craigslist…. Many marketing and sales teams are being forced to utilize these Marketing systems.
And with the competativeness of the sponsored/ad on sales options, these mediums are no longer the free/ low cost amazing new marketing wonders, that gave them their fame. They have become expensive and now require the due diligence of the advertising department and subsequent advertising budget to be decided upon!

Industrial equipment and material handling equipment business is a good example of an industry that has excess surplus equipment that needs to be cleared out of warehouses, being closed down daily.

Denis Mazerolle
Internet Marketing Consultant
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